2017 Phoenix Ball Committee

To assist with this year's Phoenix Ball or information on how you can be a sponsor or auction donor please feel free to personally contact any member of our volunteer committees. You may also reach out to Camille Burdine, director of community relations and engagement, at (615) 547-1241 or cburdine@cumberland.edu.

AuctionPictured: Jennifer Floyd Smith, Jeremy Goodman, John Pope, Tracy Pope, Mike Moscardelli, Katy Moscardelli, Scott Harris, Kirsten Harris, Lauren Smith, Maggie Lea, Melissa Dilly, Alexa Moscardelli, Scott Lawrence, Ray Hubner, Stephanie Hubner, Camille Burdine. Not Pictured: Kathy Adams, Joey Jane Bradshaw. Genesis Goodman, Susan Kirshner, Greg Landers, Heather Landers, Ashley Lawrence, Mallory Maxwell, Chris Smith, Drew Smith, Lindsay Smith, Kelly Thorne, Tasha Irby, Caroline Walker

  • Stephanie Hubner, Chair
  • Melissa Dilley
  • Ray Hubner
  • Susan Kirshner
  • Maggie Lea
  • Mallory Maxwell
  • Alexa Moscardelli


  • Scott Harris, Chair
  • Caroline Walker, Chair
  • Kathy Adams
  • Joey Jane Bradshaw
  • Tasha Irby
  • Greg Landers
  • Heather Landers
  • Jennifer Floyd Smith
  • Chris Smith
  • Lauren Smith

Public Relations

  • Genesis Goodman, Chair
  • Jeremy Goodman, Chair
  • Ashley Lawrence
  • Katy Moscardelli
  • Mike Moscardelli


  • Necole Bell, Chair
  • Rick Bell, Chair
  • Kirsten Harris
  • Scott Lawrence
  • John Pope
  • Tracy Pope
  • Drew Smith
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Shawn Smith
  • Kelly Thorne